• Very light, mini size to wear around the neck
  • Silent, fanless, filter free, maintenance free
  • Provides cleaner, fresher air in your breathing zone
  • Improves and exceeds the performance of similar models on the market
  • Continuous emitters in platinum and gold-plated stainless steel grill

Unlike other personal ionizers that attract particles near or to the respiratory system, the SeLF with its own technology repels the particles and creates an exclusion zone of around 1/2 m3 around the head of the person wearing the SeLF.

The SeLF generates powerful ionic air, creating a screen that prevents particles from entering the personal breathing zone. It does not treat the air around the individual, but creates a kind of protective bubble that keeps pollutants and pathogens away.

One of the differentiating keys of the SeLF is that it produces a voltage of approximately 20,000V, compared to a maximum of 3,000V that other similar products make on the market.



1 rechargeable battery (USB)


Battery life of 24-30 hours of use


4.9cm L x 7.5cm W x 1.7cm D

1.9”H x 2.95”W x 0.7”D


43 grams

  1.5 oz