Energy efficiency in roofing

EFI Roof by Higitech is a product that, when applied on roofs, improves the energy efficiency of a house or building by giving it thermal and resistance characteristics. The surface treated with EFI Roof acquires a monolithic character, resistant to wind and external climate agents.

In addition, it reduces the surface temperature considerably, which also reduces heat transfer to the building, reducing energy and maintenance costs, extending the life of the treated surface, and reducing urban heat and associated photochemical smog. EFI Roof’s ceramic-impregnated titanium base has resistance to ultraviolet degradation superior to most traditional materials used.

A Shield Against UV Radiation

This technology provides the product with the highest reflectivity and emissivity. It combines energy saving, eco-sustainability and reduces the impact on the environment.

  • It helps builders and building managers meet energy efficiency standards for buildings.

  • 40% savings on air conditioning.

  • Perfect protection against wind and weather, corrosion, oxidation, saline mist and acid rain, providing waterproofing and elasticity.

  • It reduces thermal shock damage and thus minimizes the effects of variable coefficients of expansion and contraction on roofs and buildings, which cause cracks and damage.

  • Possibility of applying the product directly to most of the materials traditionally used in construction.

  • Approved for metal roofing.

  • Reduces waste from roofs that are added to landfills.

  • 10 year warranty

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