Finally, in this sense we achieve spaces with a more stable and pleasant temperature, attenuating the difference in temperature day/night and summer/winter. Thanks to thermal insulation and solar radiation blockers, we achieve more stable temperatures and thus considerable energy savings in the regulation of indoor temperatures.

In this line of work, we aim to offer our clients a solution to two problems. On the one hand, temperature control, creating environments with more stable temperature gradients that are very important for some industries where temperature is crucial for the production process. And on the other hand, to contribute to energy savings, as with thermal insulation, considerable reductions are achieved in spending on indoor air conditioning. We achieve this by means of good insulation and by blocking solar radiation to prevent overheating of surfaces exposed to the sun.


EFI Roof

EFI Roof by Higitech is a product that, when applied on roofs, improves the energy efficiency of a house or building by giving it thermal and resistance characteristics. The surface treated with EFI Roof acquires a monolithic character, resistant to wind and external climate agents.

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