In Higitech, we have the FILNET ULTRASONIC SYSTEM, a portable ultrasonic cleaning system; in this product effectiveness and speed go hand in hand. Our Filnet ultrasonic system is capable of cleaning any type of industrial utensils: kitchens, trays and moulds in production lines, production accessories in clean rooms, dosing tube curves, etc..

Ultrasonic cleaning is based on the principle of high frequency waves (from 20KHz) produced by the liquid in which the parts are immersed. The nature of the ultrasonic energy provides the physical thrust required to break the mechanical and ionic bonds that establish the very small particles housed on the surface, releasing the dirt particles without affecting the element that houses them.

Special Team

At Higitech, we are committed to the innovative flow of new technologies. We have the latest generation machinery that provides maximum precision, energy and environmental efficiency.

  • Great water and chemical savings.

  • Low electricity consumption.

  • The operator does not touch the chemical product.

  • High penetration.

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