100% effective sanitization in the delicate air conditioning coils, both in the external “condensing” units and in the internal “evaporating” units (splits, fan coils).

Chemical product used: Coilnet AF in bag in box format.

Highly effective alkaline degreaser for untreated air conditioning coils. High performance chemical formulated for the injection, removal of dirt from the coils.

The system injects the chemical into the coil and in a few minutes the foam starts to be generated, extracting all the dirt to the outside, which must then be removed with the same equipment that works with mains pressure.

Working with mains pressure has the benefit of not generating excessive splashes of dirt around the equipment, ensuring maximum non-contamination of nearby elements..

Special Equipment

At Higitech, we are committed to the innovative flow of new technologies. We have the latest generation machinery that provides maximum precision, energy and environmental efficiency.

  • It removes dirt from the inside to the outside.

  • No effect on the splits and delicate elements of the equipment.

  • Low power consumption.

  • Greatly increased energy savings.

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