Thermonebulization is the generation of ultra-fine droplets with a diameter of 1-50 μm using thermopneumatic energy. The liquid substances are vaporized in the machine and form fine aerosols that condense when they come into contact with the outside air which is at a lower temperature, creating a visible mist. By means of this method, chemicals, disinfectants and fungicides can be applied.

Thermonebulization Disinfection

This mist, containing a minimum dose of the active ingredient in the micro-droplets that make it up, has the particularity of being able to float and travel long distances without losing its effectiveness and reach every last corner within any installation.

This method serves to treat large areas and spaces with a minimum amount of product, with less operational work and minimal damage to the environment (less waste, no soil penetration).

The spectrum of application of the treatment depends on the chemical used.

Special Equipment

At Higitech, we are committed to the innovative flow of new technologies. We have the latest generation of machinery that provides maximum precision and energy and environmental efficiency.

  • High performance of chemical products.

  • When working by saturation it reaches all the surfaces of the area.

  • It saturates the entire environment, gradually precipitating from the top down.

  • High penetration even in hard-to-reach corners.

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