Ozone Disinfection

Ozone is enriched oxygen, consisting of three oxygen atoms, is unstable and decomposes fairly easily into normal oxygen (O2) and oxygen (O), which is a strong oxidant.

Ozone Disinfection

At ambient temperature and pressure it is a pungent smelling gas and usually colorless, but in large concentrations it can become slightly bluish. It has a characteristic smell, which can be noticed after storms, is not very soluble in water and very volatile.

It acts by killing the particle directly through its cell membrane, by capturing electrons from other molecules, oxidizing them, destabilizing them to the point of destroying them if the ozone concentration and/or contact time is sufficient, ensuring the non-appearance of ozone.

Technical applications

We have the latest technology and machinery, which added to agreements with suppliers of proven quality, results in services of maximum guarantee and reliability, which make us a reference in the sector.

Conveyor belts

Industrial machinery

Industrial warehouses

  • One of the strongest disinfectants.

  • Does not generate any kind of chemical residue.

  • Effective in eliminating viruses, bacteria and molds.

  • Bleaching effect.

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