The equipment consists of a turbine, a dosing nozzle and a tank. The turbine moves a large amount of air to which the product is added and which comes out as an aerosol.

Cold spray disinfection

In spray disinfection, the disinfectant is atomized (aerosolized) into small drops, which are then pumped into the room air until the air is saturated. This allows the air in the room itself to be treated and disinfected, and the disinfectant drops are condensed or liquefied to completely cover all surfaces with an extremely thin continuous film (similar to how a mirror fogs up when you shower). This allows the disinfectant to reach even angles and corners that are difficult or impossible to clean manually.


At Higitech, we are committed to the innovative flow of new technologies. We have the latest generation of machinery that provides maximum precision, energy and environmental efficiency.

  • Reaches large surface areas.

  • High penetration even in hard-to-reach corners.

  • High chemical performance.

  • No interaction with the chemical product.

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